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Valves and accesories for cisterns

We are a valued supplier of fittings, including valves, manholes and accessories for road and rail tankers as well as container tanks. Our offer includes the sale of equipment for tanks and stationary tanks for the transport and storage of liquid chemicals, food, LPG and cryogenic gases.

We provide a wide range of specialized…

We provide a wide range of specialized stainless steel valves, relief valves and check valves. We distribute various types of manholes to tanks, including oval, rectangular or round manholes. We sell aluminum and steel tank bottoms, API couplings, dry break couplers,thermometers, manometers, aluminum platforms, gaskets and many more. We offer used tanks in the container frame. We buy used ship propellers. If you are interested in our offer, please contact us directly!

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3 year warranty for our API hose units couplers

Have you ever wondered how Fort Vale manufactures the Safeload API couplers? or the stringent tests we have put them through? And why we offer a 3 year warranty on all metallic internal parts? Well now you can find out more! See our latest video upload on You Tube...

Certificates and tables

Table of chemical resistance of materials:

For your convenience, we invite you to read the table of chemical resistance of materials. It is available here.